Abominable Grisly
Become an Abomination

About Us

 Abominable Grisly is an up & coming small business with the goal of spreading the dark underground culture. It’s time for us misfits to push back the glossy world of sunny days and rainbow promises. Let us bring out the eclipses and storm clouds as we help black make a comeback. We started Abominable Grisly for the love of horror culture and noir art schemes.



Hats: El Jefe, Co-creator, & Owner of Abominable Grisly.

Traits: Visionary, Model, and All around Bad-Ass.

Fun Facts: Disciple of the Dark, Pusher of the Envelope & see if it Rips. Then, let’s Mail the Bitch!

Quote around the Office: “Make it Sexier.”

Powers: Don’t act like you can’t feel it.

Favorite Food: Blood, Fear, and Souls. However, Tears are the Most Delicious.

Life Goals: Life Goals are a Mortal Concern.

What do you want on your Tombstone?: Not Applicable.



Hats: Designer, Co-creator, & Owner of Abominable Grisly.

Traits: Seasoned art doodler, Hater, and Ghost taunter.

Fun Facts: Firm believer in T-shirts with cool art; not just fonts.

Willing to endure long shirt droughts.

Quote around the Office: “I need coffee, Not sunlight”

Powers: Ability to summon the dark forces in order to strike fear into puppies. Dogs seem to be unfazed though. Damn.

Favorite Food: Universe Juice. What else?

Life Goals: World Domination, as long as everyone is cool with it.

What do you want on your Tombstone?: Hold my Beer. Watch this.