Abominable Grisly
Become an Abomination


Abominable Grisly provides Sexy, Violent, Cute content on clothing. Be seen sporting the most eye-catching original designs with a new spin on horror and evil.

** Warning: Abominable Grisly is not responsible for the sudden increase in scornful glances from wearing our art. Hex at your own risk.

Trader Tote

Trader Tote


Sharing is caring. Or, at least little Eva thinks so. Cybernetic Teddy Bears are not to be trusted and their gifts only lead to bad outcomes. Be sure to spread awareness by getting your own Trader Tee design.

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  • 6.0 oz.

  • 100% cotton canvas

  • Self-fabric 22" handles

  • Size: 14.5" x 15.5"